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Morning news brief

Published: June 14, 2024 08:14

Supreme Court rejects challenge to the abortion pill mifepristone. Elon Musk wins back his $44.9 billion Tesla pay package in a shareholder vote. White House moves to secure rural health care systems.

The war in Ukraine will likely intensify this summer. Here's what to know

Published: June 13, 2024 09:00

Fighting in the Russia-Ukraine war has tended to pick up in summer, when it's warmer, drier and easier for both sides to maneuver. Here are five key regions and themes to know in the months ahead.

What a second Biden or Trump presidency could mean for American allies and foes

Published: June 12, 2024 20:13

America is facing two very different futures on the world stage after November. If former President Trump wins, he's promised to fundamentally re-evaluate the NATO alliance, reshape global trade and overhaul the Pentagon, State Department and intelligence…

Morning news brief

Published: June 12, 2024 08:08

Hunter Biden is found guilty on all counts in gun case. House to vote on a resolution to hold Attorney General Garland in contempt of Congress. A check on the Fed’s campaign to curb inflation.

Can the U.S. force a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas?

Published: June 10, 2024 23:01

On Saturday, Israeli special forces rescued four hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, killing at least 270 Palestinians and injuring hundreds in the process. The rescue of the hostages was a moment of triumph for the government of Prime Minister Benjamin…

Illegal wildlife trade is booming. What does that mean for the confiscated animals?

Published: June 10, 2024 07:00

Wildlife trafficking is one of the largest and most profitable crime sectors in the world. The illegal trade estimated to be a multi-billion dollar industry. On a high level, that illegal trade causes problems for everything from global biodiversity to…