RSS Parrot


Turn Mastodon into your feed reader


Mention in a toot with the address of the site you want to follow. Some examples of what you can request:

An RSS or Atom feed, like
A website or blog, like
A Substack newsletter, like
A Bluesky profile, like
A podcast, like


RSS Parrot looks up the link in your toot, reads the website, and retrieves the address of its RSS or Atom feed. If this is the first time the site is requested, RSS Parrot creates a new account dedicated to it. This account will send out a new toot every time a new post appears in the feed.

The account's name is derived from the website's address, using only dots between the letters. In this case, it's

The birb replies to your toot with the name of the account parroting the feed.

Screenshot of the birb's reply, containing a link to the RSS Parrot account dedicated to the feed.


Follow the RSS Parrot account that the birb gave you. This is important and easy to forget! ;-) You'll see a toot from it in your timeline every time a new post is published on the website.