RSS Parrot


Changes and announcements

2024-01-13 ~ tweaks and bugfixes ~

Although these changes are typically not visible in the form of pixels on anyone's screen, I've been making a series of not-so-spectacular improvements. Think of very technical things, like the birb setting the User-Agent header when retrieving websites and feeds. Think also of the ActivityPub protocol's arcane details that I cannot even begin to describe, lest a lower daemon springeth forth from the Underspecified Domain and eat my soul.

The goal of this kind of work is to make the birb fail in fewer situations. Success is when you don't notice it happening. Unfortunately, I did bork things a couple of times, so there were periods when the birb would not reply to mentions, or toot out new posts later than it should have. Luckily, you didn't notice.

If you do want to know more, or if you want to give me more such work, check out the issue tracker on Github.

The good news is, I also have an entire screen full of little appealing graphs like the one below. This means that when I get bored of doing real work, I can just stare at these and relax.


2024-01-08 ~ improvements ~

I have released changes last night and just now that address several issues you have reported on Mastodon, or directly in the project's issue tracker on Github. Here are the most important ones:

It was nice to rabbithole a bit into the distribution of podcasts. I think I didn't know that a podcasts live as an RSS feeds somewhere! The whole ecosystem of podcast apps and players hides this well; the RSS feeds themselves are quite hard to get at. But not impossible! I discovered Listen Notes, a pleasantly no-nonsense site that lets you search for podcasts and shows you the feed itself. Great if you want to follow you favorite pods via the Parrot! (I have no affiliation with Listen Notes.)

2024-01-03 ~ beta release ~

What a day! I launched RSS Parrot last night with what I thought would be a low-profile toot that was meant to go essentially unnoticed. Boy, was I wrong! The response has been beyond any expectations. The toot has been boosted almost 1,000 times in the first 24 hours, which is several times more "viral" than any post of mine ever went on the internet.

The really good things:

Issues discovered:

Misc plans and thoughts: