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Families of Israeli hostages attempt to block aid into Gaza, demonstrate in front of Blinken

Published: January 9, 2024 16:07

'Our government is not fulfilling its mission. We need the urgent help of the U.S. We need the hostages home alive now. Why are we here now? After 100 days that our loved ones are held in Gaza,' said Tsipi Haitovski, a dual U.S-Israeli citizen at the…

Israel, Hezbollah exchange dozens of cross-border strikes on Tuesday

Published: January 9, 2024 15:03

In one of the war's busiest days on the northern border, Israeli strikes killed at least four Hezbollah members, including a commander of their drone unit; Hezbollah launched dozens of drones into Israel, including one that hit a military base

'Notoriously opaque': The money trails linking Hamas, Al-Qaida, Sudan and Iran

Published: January 9, 2024 14:00

Efforts by the United States to disrupt Hamas' cash flow following the group's bloody assault on southern Israel reveal networks spanning Africa and the Mideast – and highlight differences between it and global Islamist actors

'When the Israel-Hamas war broke out, Apple TV asked to stop writing the script'

Published: January 9, 2024 13:24

Israeli TV series have become increasingly popular worldwide in recent years, with broadcasters striking numerous deals with their foreign peers. But since the outbreak of the war, cooperation has been frozen and questions are being asked about future…

Pro-Palestinian Americans explain why Biden has already lost their vote

Published: January 9, 2024 13:04

The U.S. election is 10 months away, but President Joe Biden's handling of the Israel-Gaza war is a game-changer among some traditionally Democrat-voting demographics in several swing states, even if it means handing power to Donald Trump. 'The reaction…

A Dutch national sabotaged Iran's nuclear program in 2008, new investigation reveals

Published: January 9, 2024 12:51

Stuxnet, the malware that incapacitated Iran's nuclear program, was thought to have been unleashed by an Iranian engineer. A landmark new report reveals it was a Dutch national – in concert with the Mossad and CIA

Israel enters a new phase of war with Hamas and still doesn't have a postwar plan for Gaza

Published: January 9, 2024 12:48

The U.S. and Egypt have both put forward legitimate ideas on what the future government of Gaza could look like, but it seems that Israel is refusing to even discuss a future beyond 'ongoing Israeli security control.' As the war enters its fourth month,…

70 Israeli lawmakers sign motion to expel MK for supporting ICJ genocide charges

Published: January 9, 2024 10:05

MK Ofer Cassif said that 'While those who have explicitly called for the destruction of Gaza by fire or atomic bomb are sitting at the cabinet table, I face expulsion on unproven charges of 'supporting armed struggle against Israel'

Hamas reminds Israel that the Gaza war is not over, as tensions rise in the North

Published: January 9, 2024 04:00

Israel is saying in English and whispering in Hebrew that the third stage of the war in Gaza has begun. The assassination of the head of the Radwan Force was a message to senior Hezbollah officials. Blinken is here to promote a solution for Gaza and…

Blinken to meet Israeli leaders; Hezbollah confirms death of senior commander in Lebanon

Published: January 9, 2024 03:18

Report: Israeli delegation arrives in Cairo to renew hostage-release talks ■ Senior commander of elite Hezbollah unit killed in strike attributed to Israel ■ Two Israelis wounded in separate incidents along border with Lebanon ■ Palestinian Islamic Jihad…

Barak's appointment is a flak jacket for Israel at the International Court of Justice

Published: January 8, 2024 21:56

The former Chief Justice's international standing and unique history make him the right appointment for the case filed against Israel on charge of genocide. But it is important that the values he represents are not only exemplified externally but also…

Amichai Chikli resigns as Israel's Social Equality Minister, will remain Diaspora Affairs Minister

Published: January 8, 2024 19:53

The minister informed the Israeli PM that he will leave his position, as the Netanyahu government comes under public criticism over its waste of resources involved in maintaining its 31 offices during a war

'Reality has been suspended': Reporting from Israel's front lines in Gaza and the Lebanese border

Published: January 8, 2024 19:48

Haaretz journalists Anshel Pfeffer and Bar Peleg recently joined IDF units in Gaza City and on the Lebanese border. Their dispatches tell the stories of Israelis from every possible background, whose lives changed dramatically three months ago

Israel shifts to deadlier strikes on Iran-linked targets in Syria, sources say

Published: January 8, 2024 19:16

Although Israel has struck Iran-linked targets in Syria for years, according to several sources it is now unleashing deadlier, more frequent air raids against Iranian arms transfers and air defense systems in Syria

Hamas tunnels, ambushes and the fear of friendly fire: 24 hours with IDF soldiers in Gaza City

Published: January 8, 2024 17:44

Most of the time in Shujaiyeh is spent waiting, every trip home is planned meticulously, and the danger of the enemy coming out of a hole in the ground is ever-present. These IDF reservists are in their fourth month of active duty, and they are only five…

Israeli Minister suggests relocating Gazan civilians in order to 'improve their living situation'

Published: January 8, 2024 15:42

Otzma Yehudit minister Amichai Eliyahu is the latest Israeli coalition lawmaker to express support for the 'voluntary emigration' of Gazans out of their homes. Such comments are likely to be used against Israel in its impending trial at the International…

An Israel-Hezbollah war would be devastating for both sides, so why does it feel inevitable?

Published: January 8, 2024 15:32

Perhaps the most ominous thing about an Israeli-Hezbollah military confrontation in Lebanon is the sense that it is a foregone conclusion. Maybe not as an extension of the war in Gaza, but at some point in the near future

Hezbollah confirms senior commander killed in Israeli-attributed strike in south Lebanon

Published: January 8, 2024 15:21

The assassination of Wissam al-Tawil, a senior officer in Hezbollah's Radwan Force, is being attributed to Israel. According to security officials, Tawil played an important role in the organization's operations. PM Netanyahu says he would do anything to…

Israeli MK causes uproar in Knesset after signing petition accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza

Published: January 8, 2024 14:35

After Ofer Cassif, MK in the Arab-Jewish Hadash-Ta'al party, signed the South Africa petition, fellow Knesset members called for his removal. Cassif explained his reasoning, saying 'My constitutional duty is to Israeli society' not to the government who…

Blinken comes to Middle East to clean up the mess Israel has made for the U.S.

Published: January 8, 2024 14:26

In his fourth Mideast visit since the war started, the U.S. is sending Blinken on his hardest mission yet – to salvage an image of victory out of Israel's destruction in Gaza. But the U.S. and Israel aren't on the same page on what that looks like

Israeli lawmakers say it out loud: Mass Migration from Gaza and Jewish settlement instead

Published: January 8, 2024 13:36

At a caucus meeting, right-wing Israeli lawmakers offered advice like 'in the northern Gaza Strip we first have to conquer, annex, destroy all the houses.' Every time someone mentioned the resettlement of Gaza, loud applause erupted

Israeli defense minister to WSJ: Hezbollah knows 'we can copy-paste [Gaza] to Beirut'

Published: January 8, 2024 13:08

'Eighty-thousand people need to be able to go back to their homes safely,' Defense Minister Yoav Gallant tells the Wall Street Journal, referring to Israelis displaced from their homes near the Lebanese border

Dozens of Israelis blocking Knesset to call for elections forcibly dispersed, one arrested

Published: January 8, 2024 11:37

'My brother was murdered because one man is waging a private war against the state just so he can survive,' says one protester at the rally, which was organized by families whose members were killed on October 7

Far-right ministers strain Israel-U.S. ties as Biden seeks deescalation with Hezbollah

Published: January 8, 2024 04:11

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken sets out on his fourth Middle East trip since Oct. 7 amid Biden administration's fears that Netanyahu sees escalation with Lebanon as the key to his political survival

Israeli army strikes in south Lebanon to push back Hezbollah's elite force; Blinken set to arrive in Israel

Published: January 8, 2024 03:58

Blinken says residents of northern Gaza must be allowed to return home ■ Palestinian toddler accidentally killed by border police in car-ramming incident ■ IDF confirms Hezbollah hit strategic air force base in Saturday's attack ■ IDF chief says war will…

Palestinian toddler killed by stray fire when Israeli Border Police shoot at another vehicle that rammed policewoman in W. Bank

Published: January 7, 2024 20:29

The driver of the car that ran over the policewoman and a woman passenger in that car were also killed in the incident north of Jerusalem, police say

Netanyahu allies slam his decision to appoint ex-top court president to ICJ genocide case

Published: January 7, 2024 20:09

The pick, former Supreme Court President Aharon Barak, who took a stance against the judicial overhaul plan, had been the target of angry protests in front of his home last year. Some Netanyahu's party members decried his appointment to the ICJ judicial…

Israel admits Hezbollah strike caused extensive damage to strategic airbase

Published: January 7, 2024 19:12

The Hezbollah missiles were fired at the Meron base in northern Israel. While the Iron Dome system can intercept rocket fire, Israel has no system to intercept the anti-tank missiles used by Hezbollah

U.S Secretary of State Blinken arriving in Israel as regional conflict looms

Published: January 7, 2024 18:53

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza, border tensions with Hezbollah in Lebanon, the 130-plus hostages still being held by Hamas – U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will have much to discuss during his visit to Israel on Monday

Israeli comedian's Gaza 'Travel Blog' video causes social media outrage

Published: January 7, 2024 18:22

Comedian Guy Hochman, who has entered the Gaza Strip a number of times with Israeli troops, filmed a mocking video in destroyed Palestinian houses and on the beach. The IDF says Hochman didn't have proper authorization for his last visit and they are…

The Israeli X account that shares news from a year ago is a constant warning sign for our future

Published: January 7, 2024 17:46

'News from A Year Ago' started posting last year's news when COVID was the scariest thing Israelis could imagine living through. Then, October 7 and the Gaza war coincided on the account with the days leading to Israel's extremist government. By now, the…

Israel appoints former Supreme Court President Aharon Barak to judge panel in ICJ genocide case

Published: January 7, 2024 17:27

Barak's appointment in the case, involving South African complaint regarding Israel's actions in Gaza, is based on Israel's right as a party to the case to appoint a judge in addition to the regular 15-judge International Court of Justice panel

Israeli university seeks stiffer punishment of student who shared post diminishing October 7 massacre

Published: January 7, 2024 17:00

The university disciplinary committee's decision to issue a reprimand and order her to do community service sparked a protest on campus. The university's rector advised the student not to 'return to school tomorrow as if nothing happened,' and instead to…

GOP lawmaker takes victory lap as Harvard president resigns amid antisemitism controversy

Published: January 7, 2024 16:12

Both Stefanik and Gay gained notoriety after the former Harvard president testified in congress, refusing to say that calls for the genocide of Jews would violate the school's conduct policy

Motorcycle driver sentenced to 30 months in prison for hitting motorist with helmet

Published: January 7, 2024 15:40

According to the indictment, the felon 'did not stop attacking' the victim,'even when the latter fell to the ground' and 'immediately returned to hitting him with his helmet, not stopping until the victim collapsed on the road and lost consciousness'

Israeli Border policewoman killed by Jenin bomb; Seven Palestinians killed in IDF air raid

Published: January 7, 2024 11:58

Sources in Jenin claim that those killed in the drone attack, four of whom brothers, were unarmed and were sitting on a pavement on the side of the road. Israeli officials say the aircraft fired on Palestinian militants who had attacked troops in the city

Israel's Ben-Gvir: 'Voluntary' transfer of Gazans is the solution, Israelis should re-settle Strip

Published: January 7, 2024 10:28

Israel's far-right minister claimed the idea is supported by GOP candidate Nikki Haley, and said he will 'try to convince' other government members to support such a measure. This comes days before the ICJ is due to hear South Africa's petition alleging…

Hezbollah's Nasrallah sees opportunity for an Israeli border deal, but warfare has its own rules

Published: January 7, 2024 10:06

Nasrallah followed through on his vow to avenge the assassination of a top Hamas official in Beirut, but is still treading carefully ■ Hezbollah's willingness to demarcate Lebanon's border with Israel could expand the country's diplomatic channel with…

Hezbollah response to Arouri death appears 'contained,' crossfire could go on for months

Published: January 7, 2024 04:01

Hezbollah retaliated with heavy rocket barrages and offensive drones. Despite this seemingly restrained response to the assassination of the Hamas leader al-Arouri, it is no consolation to the displaced residents of northern Israel, and it may take months…

Hezbollah releases footage of rocket hit in IDF aerial surveillance base in north Israel

Published: January 7, 2024 03:43

IDF names Israeli soldier killed in Gaza fighting ■ U.S. Secretary of Defense issues statement on decision not to disclose medical condition ■ Israel says Hamas' military framework in north Gaza dismantled ■ At least 1,300 civilians and soldiers killed in…

Freed Israeli hostages testify at rally: 'We met hostages who were sexually abused'

Published: January 6, 2024 23:01

Testimonies from the freed Israeli hostages who returned from Hamas captivity were screened at the Tel Aviv rally to thousands of protestors. Romi Cohen, whose twin brother was kidnapped to Gaza: 'I fear people are starting to forget about them. Don't…

Israeli university reverses suspension of eight students it claims supported Hamas on social media

Published: January 6, 2024 21:01

The disciplinary officer's decision to retract the suspension was issued following an appeal by Adalah, The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel. The Haifa University sought to suspend the students, alleging that their presence could cause…

Thousands protest across Israel calling for elections and Netanyahu's dismissal

Published: January 6, 2024 19:04

'The government didn't just hand over suitcases of money to Hamas, it sold us along the way, the residents of the Gaza border communities. It gave up on us and their lie blew up in our faces on October 7th,' said Gali Basudo at the Tel Aviv rally

As Netanyahu tries to delay IDF probe, Israel's state comptroller begins review of army conduct in Gaza war

Published: January 6, 2024 17:49

State Comptroller Matanyahu Englman informed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government that he was set to start examining a series of issues related to the war this week

UN humanitarian chief says 'famine around the corner' in 'uninhabitable' Gaza

Published: January 6, 2024 15:33

Martin Griffiths also warned of a looming public health disaster, saying Gaza's few partially functioning hospitals are overwhelmed and critically short of supplies, while medical facilities are under relentless attack and infectious diseases are…

Hezbollah targets Israel with large rocket salvo in 'initial response' to killing of Hamas leader

Published: January 6, 2024 15:29

Aerial infiltration and rocket sirens have continued throughout Saturday as the Israeli army said it intercepted several suspicious targets and returned Sky Dew detection and warning balloon back into operation

Families of Israelis killed in Be'eri home hit by IDF tank on October 7 demand probe

Published: January 6, 2024 12:24

The investigation of the event, in which Israelis held by Hamas inside a house in Be'eri were killed by IDF tank fire on the home, must be opened immediately and not following the war, the families say

Israeli ministers' mudslinging imperils our security – and calls for a pressure campaign

Published: January 6, 2024 09:30

The nasty debacle at Friday's security cabinet meeting, where rightist ministers lashed out over an internal IDF probe of its October 7 failings, is a nauseating appetizer of what the coming months hold

'There was no knowledge on treating child hostages, so we made it up. We decided not to hug or ask questions'

Published: January 6, 2024 05:23

No precedents, no set protocol awaited Dr. Efrat Bron-Harlev who, with her staff, received young hostages freed from Hamas captivity immediately after they arrived at Schneider Children's Medical Center. There was no margin for error

IDF strikes Hezbollah operational HQ in south Lebanon; Families of Israeli Hamas-held hostages arrive in Qatar

Published: January 6, 2024 02:31

Rocket sirens sound in northern Israel after Hezbollah chief warns of retaliation for al-Arouri killing in Friday speech ■ Israeli hostage Tamir Adar murdered on October 7, his kibbutz says ■ Gaza rocket targets building in Sderot ■ Netanyahu's party and…

Someone in Israel's army decided to bring this quiet West Bank area into the circle of violence

Published: January 5, 2024 20:01

An IDF missile fired into the center of a West Bank refugee camp killed six young people and wounded seven. The army initially denied ambulances access to the site, and Border Police beat and kicked the wounded. A few days later, troops invaded the camp…

Age: 23; Time in Israel: 25 days; Time held hostage in Gaza: over 90 days

Published: January 5, 2024 19:26

For days there was no sign of Bipin Jochi. Only thanks to a video from Gaza's al-Shifa Hospital released by the IDF did his family in Nepal learn that he was brought to Gaza alive. Three months later, his friends who survived the massacre relive the…

A Jewish-Arab partnership is building a young new peace camp in Israel

Published: January 5, 2024 18:32

Amid the war in Gaza, Standing Together is on a roll: It has 5,000 dues-paying members, the number of its student chapters has doubled, and new groups of Jews and Arabs are working to preserve solidarity – and to instill hope for shared life in Israel

Iranian officials try to pin deadly blasts on Israel and U.S. – even after ISIS claimed responsibility

Published: January 5, 2024 18:17

'They can only act as agents and mercenaries of American politics and Zionism' says Iranian commander as Revolutionary Guards swear vengeance for the Wednesday suicide bombing attack that killed dozens

Netanyahu's party, Gantz trade barbs after ministers clash with Israeli army chief over Oct. 7 probe

Published: January 5, 2024 16:11

'What happened in the cabinet was a politically motivated attack in the middle of a war,' says Gantz as he blasts Likud and far-right ministers who lashed out against an internal IDF probe of the army's conduct on October 7

Palestinian PM to senior EU officials: Aid Gaza to prevent mass migration

Published: January 5, 2024 15:27

Palestinian officials fear that the increasingly uninhabitable Gaza Strip's catastrophic conditions will prompt a mass exodus. They allege Israel intends to employ international medical initiatives to reduce the population

Iran says it arrested number of suspects over deadly blasts claimed by Islamic State

Published: January 5, 2024 13:46

'Various individuals have been arrested in five cities in five provinces,' Iran's deputy interior minister says after nearly 100 people were killed in two blasts at a memorial service for Qassem Soleimani on Wednesday

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