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At Paris 2024 there's a piece of the Eiffel Tower in every medal. Explore the last 50 years of Summer Olympics medal designs.

Published: July 23, 2024 15:51

To celebrate the upcoming Games, we looked at medal designs for the Summer Olympics since 1976 and which countries won the most each year.

Thailand's rangers hailed for doubling tiger population amid conservation hurdles

Published: July 23, 2024 13:05

Data revealed in a new study show a steady recovery of tigers in Thailand’s Western Forest Complex over the past two decades. This recovery has been mirrored by a simultaneous increase in the numbers of the tigers’ prey animals, such as sambar deer and…

New 2023 data: U.S. charitable giving shows signs of stabilizing after years of volatility

Published: July 19, 2024 12:00

Total giving has swung up and down more sharply than usual in recent years. However, there are more signs of charitable giving’s strength than weakness in this new data.

Shark Week is already eyeing a host for next year, and the future is 'female'

Published: July 17, 2024 18:59

The show has run with a host for 24 years straight, and one thing has stayed the same. But as women lead the field of marine biology in greater numbers, the tides could be changing.