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Coming soon: Jim's Nightmare: Chapter 1

Published: April 12, 2024 05:00

With this game, you’re in for a thrill – Jim's Nightmare: Chapter 1, coming soon on GOG!Go ahead and take on this psychological point and click puzzle adventure. Uncover the truth behind Jim’s shady past, his current mental illness and his peerless…

Release: RimWorld - Anomaly

Published: April 11, 2024 08:00

Did you enjoy RimWorld? You’ll surely love this news, then – RimWorld - Anomaly, a horror-themed expansion, is now out on GOG!Darkness stirs on the rim. Survive flesh infestations, cultist attacks, shambling undead, blood rains, invisible hunters, and…

Release: PathBlasters

Published: April 11, 2024 07:00

Experience the rush of a colorful, fast-paced chase in PathBlasters – now out with a -17% launch discount until April 18th, 5 PM UTC!Experience a mix of puzzles and thrilling chases in a colorful world inspired by 90s arcade games. Our heroes Faren, Jenna…

Pre-order: Stellaris: The Machine Age

Published: April 11, 2024 07:00

Get ready for a new DLC for the grand sci-fi strategy, Stellaris – Stellaris: The Machine Age!A new age of galactic adventure begins. As your scientists discover ever more advanced means to commune with the machine, your society will face new ethical and…

Release: Headquarters: World War 2

Published: April 11, 2024 06:30

Headquarters: World War 2 is a fast-paced turn-based strategy game where your battlefield tactics are as important as your army management skills – and it’s now available on GOG, with a -10% launch discount until April 18th, 5:00 PM UTC!!The game covers…

Release: Yet Another Fantasy Title (YAFT)

Published: April 11, 2024 06:30

Get ready for an humorous classic humorous RPG – Yet Another Fantasy Title (YAFT) is now out on GOG, with a -10% launch discount until April 18th, 4:30 PM UTC!Embark on an epic journey as a rogue in a fantastical action-adventure game brimming with…

Out of Early Access: Revival: Recolonization with Deluxe Edition, Artbook and Soundtrack!

Published: April 11, 2024 06:00

Time for a grand strategy: Revival: Recolonization is now out of early access with a -20% launch discount, until April 18th, 4 PM UTC!In Revival: Recolonization, set in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth, you’ll get a chance to engage in a 4x strategy…

In Development: Underspace

Published: April 10, 2024 12:00

The spiritual successor to Freelancer with a Lovecraftian, sandbox RPG twist – Underspace is now out on GOG in early access, launching with a -10% discount until April 17th, 10 AM UTC!Be a miner picking through crystallized bones of ancient star beasts, a…

Coming soon: Tents and Trees, try out the DEMO

Published: April 9, 2024 04:00

Time for some relaxing puzzles – Tents and Trees is coming soon on GOG, and you can try it out now with DEMO!Your mission is simple: place tents next to trees in a nature-filled grid. The numbers around the grid tell you how many tents must be placed in…

Release: Spelp with a -40% launch discount

Published: April 9, 2024 04:00

Spelp is an arena-survival game with roguelite elements. With simple twin-stick shooter controls, eliminate thousands of aliens to get stronger – now with a -40% launch discount until April 16th, 2 PM UTC!The SPELP program needs YOU to annihilate thousands…

Release: Last Hope Bunker: Zombie Survival

Published: April 9, 2024 02:00

If you’re a casual survival enjoyer, this title will be perfect for you – Last Hope Bunker: Zombie Survival is now out on GOG!You wake up in a bunker, while The Earth became a battlefield, dangerous creatures at every turn. You’ll be given everything you…

Coming soon: Deathbound

Published: April 8, 2024 04:30

We have something for soulslike games enthusiasts – Deathbound is coming soon on GOG! Deathbound is a one-of-a-kind party-based soulslike set in a callous world where Faith and Science clash. Dynamically transform between fallen warriors all with their…

GOG yet again joins forces with SNK, to release over 20 classic titles and a Publisher Sale!

Published: April 8, 2024 04:00

Today is a happy day – for both GOG and SNK! Already packed with an arsenal of SNK titles, such as those from popular series like THE KING OF FIGHTERS and METAL SLUG, we took a step further in our partnership – and brought an additional 24 retro games to…

Bitwave Games strikes back with exciting releases!

Published: April 8, 2024 02:30

It’s a happy day for classic enthusiasts – not one, not two, not even three… But four titles and two budles from Bitwave Games are joining the GOG catalog! Let’s take a look at them, shall we?You can now get: Dogyuun Twin Hawk Grind Stormer Truxton 2…

Release: Withering Rooms

Published: April 5, 2024 12:00

A challenging 2.5D horror RPG set in a procedurally generated Victorian mansion that changes each night – Withering Rooms is now available on GOG!Explore Mostyn House to gather weapons, distractions, magical artifacts, keys, and crafting materials. Take…

Release: SteamWorld Build: Mechanized DLC

Published: April 4, 2024 12:00

SteamWorld Build is an awesome sandbox strategy simulator with base building and resource management. And now… SteamWorld Build: Mechanized DLC is available on GOG with a -10% discount! It introduces a plethora of new content to the game, so make sure to…

What We Do In The Shadows – check out our sale on stealth-based titles!

Published: April 4, 2024 10:00

Every step taken with precision, every breath drawn in silence, every move executed with utmost cunning…It’s time to explore What We Do In The Shadows – our special sale on games with stealth elements!Experience the thrill of outsmarting your foes,…

NSFW Sale – adult-oriented titles with great discounts!

Published: April 4, 2024 10:00

With the weather getting hotter and hotter, it’s a great opportunity to explore the daring and even hotter realms of gaming.Add some spice to your gaming collection with NSFW Sale – packed with a plethora of adult-oriented titles, from steamy visual…

Funcom Publisher Sale – snatch their titles discounted up to -70%!

Published: April 4, 2024 10:00

Atmospheric turn-based strategy, classic point & click, a horror, or a story-rich adventure title? If any of these sounds appealing then we’ve got a treat for you… Funcom Publisher Sale is now live, and you can snatch their titles discounted up to…