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Taylor & Francis feeds academics’ work to Microsoft AI

Published: July 20, 2024 22:07

Taylor & Francis publishes academic books, including the Routledge imprint, and journals. Authors were horrified to learn that the publisher had sold access to their work to Microsoft AI — without telling them or giving them a choice in the matter, and…

AI Go bots not so superhuman after all

Published: July 15, 2024 19:32

Chinese board game Go has become a popular testing ground for AI because of its simple rules — two players and two colors of stones — and the profound complexity that the simple rules lead to.  For the last eight years, Go-playing bots have been beating…

A message from Pivot to AI: send us money!

Published: July 13, 2024 22:30

As humans and definitely not robots, we enjoy the continued consumption of oxygen and (checks notes) “food.” Acquiring these resources is most efficiently achieved using your our human social ration ticket known as “money.” So if you’re enjoying Pivot to…