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Corporate Finance

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Private Debt Funds: What They Are and Trends under Interest Rate Hikes

Published: April 12, 2024 00:00

Private Debt (PD) funds are those that specialize in providing loans mainly to middle-market firms with low creditworthiness. Their assets under management (AUM) have expanded mainly in the U.S., as their borrower-investor bases have broadened, against the…

Ownership Structure and Corporate Decisions: Capital Structure, M&A Activity, and Acquisition Financing

Published: March 26, 2024 00:00

The objective of this dissertation is to deepen our understanding of how large shareholders make decisions, since we recently experienced a significant increase in concentration of voting rights around the world, which has amplified their influence in…

Multifactor productivity growth enhancers across industries and countries: Firm-level evidence

Published: March 20, 2024 00:00

Multifactor productivity (MFP) growth is an imperative economic engine. MFP dynamism across five advanced and seven developing countries from 1996 to 2015 is analyzed, elucidating its association with financing and intangible assets. Debt is manifested by…

Co-opted Boards and Corporate Cash Holdings

Published: February 23, 2024 00:00

We study the relationship between board co-option and corporate cash holdings. We find that as the fraction of co-opted board members (those appointed after a CEO assumes office) increases, firms opportunistically maintain higher cash holdings, indicating…

Making the grass greener: The role of firm’s financial and managerial capacity in paving the way for the green transition

Published: February 8, 2024 00:00

Despite the ambitious carbon reduction targets set by policy makers worldwide, current investments fall well short of the net-zero emissions scenario. This paper analyses the factors holding back corporate green investment, with a particular focus on the…