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Military coups, jihadism and insecurity in the Central Sahel

Published: May 1, 2024 00:00

This paper examines the interactions between the 2020-23 Sahelian coups and the trajectories of jihadism and insecurity, covering three countries: Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. First, it examines pre-coup trends in violence. Second, the paper finds that…

Financial inclusion and banking sector competition in South Africa

Published: April 16, 2024 00:00

Using survey data from the World Banks Global Findex Database and a pseudo panel we investigate two pertinent issues pertaining to financial inclusion in South Africa. First, we consider the factors driving the likelihood of accessing financial services in…

Lost in transition: The decline of LPG usage and the charcoal renaissance in urban Senegal

Published: April 8, 2024 00:00

Claims for removing fossil fuel subsidies in the Global South are based on climate and equity concerns, but they can be at odds with improving access to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a clean cooking fuel. We examine the case of urban Senegal where LPG…

How Vulnerable is Sub-Saharan Africa to Geoeconomic Fragmentation?

Published: April 5, 2024 00:00

This paper studies the potential effects of geoeconomic fragmentation (GEF) in the sub-Saharan Africa region (SSA) through quantifying potential long-term economic costs. The paper considers two alternative GEF scenarios in which trade relations are fully…

Bank business model identification evolution and outcomes evidence for South Africa

Published: March 28, 2024 00:00

This paper presents the findings of an investigation of the type, evolution and impacts on performance of bank business models in South Africa. We identify the various business models used by South African banks using data on the monthly balance sheets of…

The impact of G7 trade policies on economic development in Africa

Published: March 27, 2024 00:00

Economic development in Africa is among the most important global challenges today. Meanwhile, the G7 is under pressure due to system competition and the question of legitimacy and effectiveness. The recent PGII initiative uses investment to improve…