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How long will we live? And how much of that time will comprise a healthy life? What is aging, and can we stop or even reverse the aging process? What is the connection between aging and disease? Can we predict the evolving trends in the aging of human populations and prepare our societies for what has been called the Silver Tsunami? These are some of the important questions that the broad field of aging research is trying to address and that together form one of the Grand Challenges of the twenty-first century. The mission of Nature Aging is to provide a unique multidisciplinary, unifying and highly visible publishing platform for the aging-research community. The journal is highly selective yet broad in its coverage, publishing research from across the entire spectrum of the field, ranging from the basic biology of aging to the impact of aging on society. The journal aims to foster interactions among different areas of this diverse field of research and to promote new and exciting ideas within and beyond the research community, to enable synergy and maximize scientific and societal impact.

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