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Solomon Islands Tribes Sell Carbon Credits, Not Their Trees

Published: April 15, 2024 08:30

In a South Pacific nation ravaged by logging, several tribes joined together to sell “high integrity” carbon credits on international markets. The project not only preserves their highly biodiverse rainforest, but it funnels life-changing income to…

With Sea Turtles in Peril, a Call for New Strategies to Save Them

Published: April 11, 2024 09:30

Marine biologist Christine Figgener gained global attention with a video showing her removing a plastic straw from the nostril of a sea turtle. With these ancient reptiles now threatened worldwide, she says we must develop science-based approaches to…

Biggest Corporations Falling Short on Climate Goals

Published: April 10, 2024 13:14

Many of the biggest and richest businesses on Earth are coming up short in their efforts to tackle climate change, a new report finds. Read more on E360 →

Jared Kushner Has Big Plans for Delta of Europe's Last Wild River

Published: April 9, 2024 12:15

Albania’s Vjosë River is known as Europe’s last wild river, and its pristine delta is a haven for migratory birds. As plans for luxury developments there — spearheaded by Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner — move ahead, conservationists are sounding…

Potent Heat-Trapping Gases Being Smuggled Into Europe

Published: April 8, 2024 14:16

Smugglers are illegally moving refrigerants into Europe that, when leaked from air conditioners and refrigerators, pose a significant threat to the climate. Read more on E360 →

A Nuclear Power Revival Is Sparking a Surge in Uranium Mining

Published: April 4, 2024 12:31

A push for nuclear power is fueling demand for uranium, spurring the opening of new mines. The industry says new technologies will eliminate pollution from uranium mining, but its toxic legacy, particularly in the U.S. Southwest, leaves many wary of an…

Noisy Summer Ahead for U.S. as Dueling Broods of Cicadas Emerge

Published: April 3, 2024 12:53

This month will see swarms of big, noisy, chirping cicadas begin to emerge in the U.S. as two large broods take flight at the same time. Read more on E360 →

In Denying the Anthropocene, Geologists Ignored Clear Evidence

Published: April 2, 2024 09:25

When a governing body of the International Union of Geological Sciences voted down a proposal to name a new epoch in Earth’s history, it rejected conclusive evidence that for the first time, a single species — humans — has fundamentally altered the…

Unexploded WWII Bombs Have Grown More Dangerous Over Time

Published: April 1, 2024 14:41

Long-buried bombs leftover from World War I and World War II have become more volatile, a new study finds, raising the odds that a dormant explosive detonates. Read more on E360 →