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As Abortion Bans Loom, Black Families Are Left Vulnerable

Published: April 12, 2024 19:25

Abortion attacks aren’t slowing down as the clock ticks on Florida’s six-week ban and Arizona’s Supreme Court has paved the way to reinforce a Civil War-era law that criminalizes nearly all abortions.  The consequences could be catastrophic for Black…

Flooded Black Community Awaits Help. Is White House Official’s Visit a First Step?

Published: April 12, 2024 16:20

This story was originally published by Inside Climate News. COFFEE COUNTY, Ala. — By now, Pastor Timothy Williams could lead the tour blindfolded.  It begins at his own home, its roof nearly level with the highway a stone’s throw away. For years, following…

Everything’s Political, Including Your Body

Published: April 11, 2024 14:00

Welcome back to Everything’s Political, Capital B’s news, culture, and politics newsletter! Every Thursday, I’ll take a look at recent stories that seem particularly noteworthy. Here’s what I’ve got for you this week. Trump Tries to Muddy the Waters on…

Are We Really in the Middle of a ‘Racial Realignment’ in Politics?

Published: April 11, 2024 13:00

The claim that Black voters are bolting to President Donald Trump’s Republican Party not only feels premature: It also fuels a troubling narrative that pins the blame for a possible second Trump term on Black voters. This notion of realignment has gotten…

Mississippi Dad Who Survived Sadistic ‘Goon Squad’ Attack Calls for More Prison Time

Published: April 10, 2024 15:56

Eddie Terrell Parker woke up in a Mississippi jail cell last January with an unfamiliar taste of alcohol on his tongue and the painful memory of seeing his friend, Michael Corey Jenkins, get shot in the mouth by a Rankin County sheriff’s deputy.  Prior to…

As Black Women in U.S. Sue Makers of Hair Relaxers, in Africa Sales are Climbing

Published: April 10, 2024 10:00

This story was originally published by The Examination and the Guardian UK. The Examination is an independent nonprofit newsroom that investigates preventable health threats and empowers people in harm’s way.  It was just before Christmas. A family…

N.C. Candidate for Governor Built Brand Through Online Vitriol — Particularly Toward Black Women

Published: April 9, 2024 18:42

Originally published by The 19th North Carolina Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Robinson has a long history of attacking influential women in personal and often vulgar terms. But Robinson has reserved particular vitriol for Black women in positions…

Reform Rollbacks May Lead to Another Rise in Mass Incarceration

Published: April 9, 2024 12:00

LaNaisha Edwards was 15 when she started going to funerals in the mid-1990s. By her senior year, getting dressed for another memorial service “became the normal thing to do — sadly” in Los Angeles, she said.  By September 2010, the plague of gun violence…

Eclipse Fever Is Gripping Black Texans

Published: April 8, 2024 12:00

The word “eclipse” comes from a Greek word meaning “abandonment,” but in Texas, this week’s total solar eclipse has had the polar opposite effect.  An estimated 4 million tourists are expected to have flocked to the Lone Star state to see the…

East Coast Earthquake Reveals Holes in Disaster Preparedness

Published: April 5, 2024 20:12

In New York, a city of 8 million people, daily exposure to a cacophony of sounds and shakes is the norm.  So, sitting in her apartment in Brooklyn, Nicole Jenkins thought it was just a big truck driving down her street. Elsewhere in Brooklyn, roommates…

Black Residents Battle Against Tennessee GOP’s Effort to Ban Reparations

Published: April 5, 2024 15:11

The Rev. Earle J. Fisher, an activist and longtime resident of Memphis, Tennessee, is battling against yet another assault on Black economic and political progress by state Republicans. Since the murder of George Floyd in 2020, these efforts have ramped…