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Published: April 11, 2024 12:37

The track forecast cone has been around for 22 years, but there isn't an intensity forecast cone, although there's always uncertainty involved in that forecast too. Using the past 5 years of intensity errors, here's an example of what that could look like:…

Published: April 8, 2024 09:48

It's #TotalSolarEclipse day, and some of the U.S. along the path of totality will have to contend with clouds. Anyway, you'll find a bird's-eye view of the moon's shadow passing over Earth at The satellite loop will…

Published: April 4, 2024 10:23

Update with March's monthly-average sea surface temperature data: the North Atlantic continues to shatter records. In fact, this year it has not (and will not) get below 20°C for the first time in recorded history! Data: NOAA ERSSTv5

Published: April 4, 2024 10:08

The Oceanic Niño Index (ONI) is down to +1.5 (still a strong #ElNiño). But if the model guidance is close to right, it could plummet to around -1.0 (moderate #LaNiña) by the heart of #HurricaneSeason. Such rapid transitions have certainly happened before!…